SOCRI Ingredients produces and distributes natural Active Ingredients and natural Raw Materials for the Cosmetic Industry. Its range comprises active ingredients from vegetal origin supported by efficacy tests as well as safe raw materials from vegetal origin that can be used in a wide range of formulations: skincare, organic make-up, haircare and personal care.The “green” attitude that characterizes SOCRI Ingredients as well as the constant effort to stand out the crowd makes it a good spot for formulators who look for natural alternatives to commonly used synthetic substances. SOCRI Ingredients develops its products through the SOCRI Technical Center, the new pole for the study of innovative raw materials in the form of biodegradable chemical auxiliaries, of natural origin and obtained from renewable and environmentally friendly sources.

The SOCRI Technical Center is located in Umbria, Italy's green heart, and consists of highly qualified chemists and technicians coordinated by Dr Guido Bregaglio, Scientific Director. The SOCRI Technical Center has a well-equipped chemical laboratory suitable for the synthesis of active ingredients for the Cosmetic industry. Every new product or production method is tested in a pilot plant before being manufactured or applied on an industrial scale.