SOCRI opens its new Technical Center in Umbria


In the last 6 years of activity in a dynamic, competitive and developing industry like the cosmetic industry, SOCRI has created its own technological and industrial identity. The cosmetics industry is technologically active and offers excellent development opportunities, particularly with regard to innovative manufacturing processes and the use of new substances. Cosmetic products should not only guarantee high performance, they must also be safe, well-tolerated and offer strong sensory feelings. It is exactly in this direction that SOCRI is moving forward

In the SOCRI Technical Center, highly qualified chemists and technicians work in research projects that are firmly focused on the study of innovative raw materials in the form of biodegradable chemical auxiliaries of natural origin and obtained from renewable and environmentally friendly sources.   

This innovative applied research activity is managed by a board whose job is to ensure that projects are in line with the company's goals and that all information and experience gained through research programs circulate within the organization. The management of this research and technological development facility enables SOCRI to quickly meet its customers' daily needs by offering innovative solutions.    

SOCRI has modern laboratory suitable for the synthesis of active ingredients for the pharmaceutical and cosmetic sectors. Every new product or production method is tested in a well-equipped pilot plant before being manufactured or applied on an industrial scale.   

It is in Umbria, the green heart of Italy, which was born the SOCRI Technical Center for the research and development of new products and processes that limit the environmental impact by reducing or eliminating the use of hazardous substances.   

SOCRI wants to ensure the highest quality of products through strict production control; from the creation to the sale of raw materials, functional substances and active ingredients, always in compliance with the highest quality standards.