Ozonated Oils

Ozone is a gas composed of three oxygen molecules (chemical formula O3) and it is one of the most powerful antioxidants that exist in nature. It is produced in large quantities in Earth's atmosphere thanks to the effect of ultraviolet rays on O2 molecules which – negatively charged – acquire a third Oxygen atom.

The instability of the Ozone molecule characterizes its unparalleled effectiveness in the field of cosmetics: O3 molecules can be stabilized in natural Plant-Derived Oils which are then able to gradually release Active Oxygen in its more stable O2 form into the organic substrata and effectively oxygenate the skin, promoting reepithelialization, local microcirculation and improving tissue health overall.

The regenerative activity of Active Oxygen functions in synergy with the specific properties of the Plant-Derived Oils, all of which are rich in natural active substances. Ozonated Oils are also effective antimicrobials and are especially well-suited for use in the formulation of cleansing and regenerative products.
Thanks to this antimicrobial activity, Ozonated Oils do not require any preservatives. Indeed, when high percentages of these oils are used in cosmetic formulations, they can themselves act as “natural preservatives”.

How they work:
A Plant-Derived Oil is the best substance in which to store an unstable gas such as Ozone in a stable and long-term fashion. The oil is the vehicle which ensures that the Ozone can be transported to the skin and then gradually absorbed. Thanks to the body's natural temperature and a massage-type application, the Ozone is reconverted into Active Oxygen, enhancing the beneficial properties of the oil or cream that contains it and promoting their absorption all the way down into the deepest layers of the skin.

Through the use of electromechanical production processes, we are able to enrich different types of natural oils with Ozone. These include, for instance Extra-Virgin Olive Oil, Extra-Virgin Argan Oil, Sunflower Oil,
Jojoba Oil, Linseed Oil, Macadamia Oil, Organic Oils and many other exotic Oils.