SOCRI antiwrinkles TOUCH



SOCRI antiwrinkles TOUCH is a balanced plant complex for the treatment of wrinkles. Wrinkles are creases in the skin’s epidermis, caused by a decrease in the essential structural proteins, collagen and elastin. Underlying all of this are primary genetic and constitutional factors, as well as secondary factors such as lifestyle, health, diet, pollution, exposure to sunlight, and vices like smoking, alcohol and pharmaceutical misuse or abuse.
SOCRI antiwrinkles TOUCH, thanks to the multifaceted functionalities of its diverse components, works against all of the most common types of wrinkles:

  • It stimulates tissue regeneration and protein production. 
  • It combats the effects of free radicals on the cell structure and metabolism. 
  • It inhibits the contraction of the muscles responsible for facial expressions, which are the basic cause of facial wrinkles. 
  • It maintains balanced hydration and elasticity of the tissues, as well as uniform firmness. 
  • It combats the effects of UV radiation on the tissues by protecting their DNA. 

Antioxidant activity: the antioxidant capacity of SOCRI antiwrinkles TOUCH has been proven and measured through the scavenging of the free radical DPPH, in a dose-dependent fashion. SOCRI antiwrinkles TOUCH is also capable of protecting the cells and the DNA from oxidative stress. In vitro studies have proven the ability of SOCRI antiwrinkles TOUCH to inhibit apoptosis (cell death) induced by hydrogen peroxide.

Anti-ageing activity: SOCRI antiwrinkles TOUCH induces and improves collagen synthesis. Specifically, in a 2% concentration, it is capable of increasing the synthesis of collagen IV by 41% and of collagen VII by 42%. Studies conducted in vitro using human fibroblasts have shown that SOCRI antiwrinkles TOUCH increases the expression of a2 e ß1 integrin by 139% and 54% respectively.
BOTOX is the commercial name used for a neurotoxic protein that is produced by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum. BOTOX relaxes muscle contraction by blocking nerve impulses: when the muscles do not receive electrical signals, they no longer contract, allowing expression wrinkles to relax and soften.
SOCRI antiwrinkles TOUCH can halt neurocellular signals just as BOTOX does, but in a different and less invasive fashion: thanks to the high concentration of myricetin the complex contains, SOCRI antiwrinkles TOUCH does not break down the proteins involved in signal transduction; instead it selectively binds them. SOCRI antiwrinkles TOUCH is a valid alternative to BOTOX for the treatment of expression wrinkles. It has no side effects and it does not need to be injected subcutaneously.

Anti-wrinkle activity: clinical in vivo studies have proven that SOCRI antiwrinkles TOUCH smooths micro-bumps and reduces the volume and depth of wrinkles. 10 volunteers were treated with 5% SOCRI antiwrinkles TOUCH twice a day for 28 days. An overall 84% reduction in wrinkles was observed. The depth and volume of wrinkles decreased by 72% and 60% respectively. SOCRI antiwrinkles TOUCH repairs and stimulates the dermal matrix, preventing wrinkles from forming.

SOCRI antiwrinkles TOUCH is recommended for use in cosmetic products with smoothing, lifting, anti-ageing, and antioxidant activity, as well as products intended to protect the cellular DNA.
The recommended percentage of use ranges from 1% to 5% depending on the type of formulation to be developed. As a rule, a 2% concentration is used.
Creams containing SOCRI antiwrinkles TOUCH are generally used 1 or 2 times per day. We recommend adding SOCRI antiwrinkles TOUCH at a temperature of less than 50°C, during the cooling phase.
With regard to the clinical safety evaluation of SOCRI antiwrinkles TOUCH, patch testing found the product to be safe and non-irritating at a 2% concentration.